Indian Head Massage Training -
The Prema Method

FROM $250 - $500

The Indian Head Massage - the Prema Method is an extremely powerful massage and a spiritual experience for both the giver and the receiver.

You Are In Great Hands

Bliss has trained hundreds of beautiful students around the world in the art of the Indian Head Massage. Teaching this skill is her excellence and the feedback from her training is impeccable. Bliss shares a holistic approach, centred in

heart-spaced service. 

Become an Indian Head Massage Practitioner

No prior experience in massage or bodywork is required and there are no prerequisites to take the training. It is accessible for holistic practitioners, spa owners/workers, registered massage therapists, Aromatherapists, Reflexologists, hairstylists, and anyone wanting to get started in holistic healing. Everyone is welcome​.​

This healing modality is especially unique as the client sits upright in a comfortable chair for the duration of the one-hour treatment. The back, arms, neck, and shoulder muscles are deeply probed, then the scalp is deeply massaged while the hair is briskly and gently tousled. To stimulate circulation pressure points and meridians are gently worked on. The massage ends with five minutes of acupressure on the face.

The Indian Head Massage releases stored and blocked energy in the body, while balancing the four upper chakras. The Indian Head Massage brings the energy of the whole body back into balance by creating a deep sense of peace, calm, and well-being.

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​High Quality Training

Become a Certified Indian Head Massage practitioner with Bliss Prema. With hundreds of students worldwide, and having given over two thousand Indian Head Massages, Bliss teaches with effortless ease and accuracy.

Private One on One Training

You will be taught one on one with master teacher Bliss Prema. The focus is on you. Ask questions whenever you want and practice on a volunteer with step by step guidance from Bliss. This is a technical hands-on receiving and giving process that activates the power within you to heal.

The amount of time in between Parts 1 & 2 is entirely up to you - you set your own pace. You can choose to learn the massage in one day or spread out over time. ​​​​These are private, one on one trainings - just you and Bliss Prema, on the date that works best for you.

Carefully curated private training includes: 

- Detailed coloured manual includes the history of the Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda wisdom, the benefits of the massage, meridians, kinesiology, essential oils and the best massage oils to use, and so much more!

- Practical instruction of techniques through hands-on teaching.

- Then, you practice with a volunteer while Bliss Prema skillfully instructs you

- Access to Student Member Portal for beautiful Indian Head Head Massage videos

The Training Module

​Part 1 - The  Back

Spend 3.5 hours privately with master teacher Bliss Prema for Part 1 of the module, teaching you the Sacred Opening and the first 35 minutes of the Indian Head Massage on the Back, Arms and Hands. 


​Part 2 - The  Neck, Head  & Face

Spend 3.5 hours privately with Master trainer Bliss Prema for Part  2 of the module, teaching you the Sacred Closing and the last 25 minutes of the Indian Head Massage on the Neck, Head and acupressure on the Face. 


​​Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a beautiful, detailed and thorough Indian Head Massage digital copy of the manual. This is pre-course material to be read before the training begins. 


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Practice and Certification


To become an Indian Head Massage practitioner you must provide 20 practice massages complete with feedback forms and signatures, within 12 weeks of completing Part 1 & 2 of the training.

It is highly recommend to hire Bliss Prema for your 5th and 15th practice massage. You can practice on her if you live/travel to Vancouver Island, or simply Zoom and practice on a volunteer online while she watches. 


Each session is 90-minutes long and includes refinement and precision to your techniques. The final exam is a performed on Bliss Prema or online with a volunteer.

$75 - 90 minutes



The Indian Head Massage can be found at IKEA for $10. Additional costs can include extra cushions, massage wraps and oils. 

Private. One on One

Book at your convenience

Includes Introduction and Manual.






Sat Apr 3 & Sun Apr 4th


Join Master Teacher Bliss Prema, for an incredible weekend to learn this mystical, ancient one-hour massage. 


You will receive:
- The Indian Head Massage Introduction Manual 

- Part 1 & 2 of the Indian Head Massage

-Impeccable instruction demonstrated on a volunteer client

-Hands-on learning and receiving

After just 2 days of training, you will be able to give a one- hour Indian Head Massage treatment. Upon completion of the practicum, students of Bliss Prema are able to charge $60-$150 for this powerful massage. 

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