FROM $180 - $1000

Clear Blocks And Grow Together

Old patterns can hold you back from achieving the deep and loving relationship that you dream of. All relationships have the capacity for growth and possibility to delve deeper in love. 

Learn Powerful Communication Tools

Your ability to communicate honestly and efficiently 

in your relationship is the foundation for its success. Learn potent ways to express and listen to one another. 

Create Goals - Together

Using the Conscious Evolver tenets and principals, you and your Beloved will navigate and create a newly aligned and potent direction. 

Uncouple Consciously

Your journey has come to completion and it's time to move in independent directions. Create peace by committing to uncoupling with a foundation of love and clear communication. An impactful way to become a sovereign being. 


Conscious Evolver Couple

Connection Session

Your ability to communicate honestly and efficiently in your relationship is the foundation for its success. Working with specific Conscious Evolver™ tenets, Bliss Prema assists you and your Beloved to peacefully achieve deep and conscious conversations. Bliss provides fair, loving and neutral counsel.  

$180 90-minutes

Conscious Evolver Couple Program

A TWO month-long opportunity to openly dialogue with your partner using the four tenets of the Initiate Program. Dive deeper into your hearts truest desire - whether it be deeper connection, navigating truth together, or even conscious uncoupling. 



* THREE 90-minute Conscious Evolver couple sessions

* Two copies of the Conscious Evolver Couple workbook and guide 



* FOUR 90-minute Conscious Evolver couple sessions

* A private 2-hour interactive workshop fully demonstrating the Conscious Evolver Couple Principals. Includes one-on-one curated discussion on the workbook and an in-depth exploration 

Two copies of the Conscious Evolver Couple workbook and guide


Book at your convenience

Learn New Communication Tools

Private One on One Sessions

Evolve Back Into Love

Bobbi, Architect

"My husband and I didn't have specific issues in mind when we began the Conscious Evolver Couple program - just a wish to be closer and more intimate. Like a psychic relationship detective, Bliss zeroed in on EXACTLY what the weaknesses were at the foundation of our relationship that were keeping us apart. She taught us how to reframe and transform them--I have no idea how she does it. We are eternally grateful for Bliss's insights and guidance. And happy we said Yes to the process in the first place."

Carla, Life Coach

“Committing to the Conscious Evolver Couple program was an intentional act of love that opened us up to a whole new world of possibilities. The level of guidance + support we received from Bliss Prema was a true gift.”

Andy, Transit Operator

"Being an 'Old School' male of 50 years, I have been conditioned by society to keep my feelings and emotions in check because it may be seen as a sign of weakness. Bliss has created an authentic welcoming atmosphere, where I feel safe and not judged. A place where I can be open and radically honest with myself. With her help I have been able to find, release and share my 'True Self'."

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