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I believe we are here on Planet Earth to learn valuable lessons, enabling us to purify our collective soul in order to ultimately return to Source. There is only one way to accomplish this - TOGETHER. 

As an activating Teacher, soul synthesizing Coach, and fearless Initiator, my Higher Purpose is to help you advance to your next level of consciousness. With a talent for deep transformation,

I lead with transparency and radical honesty in order to elevate happiness and love for All.

Within you is all the strength,

wisdom and knowledge required to become more powerful than you ever imagined possible. It is my honour to be a loving guide and helping hand on your journey, as you evolve into a healthier, happier and more loving version of yourself. Browse through my comprehensive range of services below to learn more about how you can accelerate your consciousness.


 I am Consciousness Evolving and I am honoured to walk the path beside you.

You deserve to be profoundly happy.


Next Level Service

As you evolve into deeper levels of consciousness you recognize that the ability to heal yourself, others and Mother Earth is an inherent and Divine gift within you. Being a healer is your birthright.



Heart Hands Training





Evolve To Your Next Level of Consciousness


Now is the time to step out of old programs and patterns

that no longer serve you, and into outstanding revelations and creation.  





Conscious Evolver Acceleration


As an Initiate of the New Realm, it is my honour to walk the path with you. My path has been intense and profound, and entirely self-guided.

As a result a merging between my human and my Avatar has occurred

Now it’s your turn.

If you wish.

Is your soul feeling the frequency that I was instructed to emit?

Reclaim Your Power

Access to an Awesome Community of Loving Individuals 

Learn Powerful Self-Development Tools

Evolve Into Your Future Self

Create Your Higher Purpose

Connect to Source Energy 



DJ & Dance Temple

"Bliss is a being like no other. She holds such a deep presence and capacity for asking exactly the right questions to get you to go even deeper. She has a way of encouraging and empowering others to see their own radiance and unique way of being. She is powerful, wise and an amazing channel of Source Energy


Holistic Practitioner 

"Bliss synthesizes truth into her teachings and this alchemy pours from her heart to all who encounter her. She holds space for each of us with impeccable presence and grace. She has a sky-high frequency mirror for our own tremendous possibilities.


Sacred Tattooing

"Bliss Prema is a leader and a pioneer forging a new path by opening an ancient portal to the new and unknown purpose of existence. She is an angel, a reminder of God and Heaven on Earth. Everything she shares is potent medicine that resonates miraculously with exactly what my soul needs.

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My mission in life is to be of service to the Universe, and well, that means YOU. I look forward to connecting with you and getting to know you. 

There is only One way - TOGETHER.



TEL. 250.884.2629  |  BLISS@BLISSPREMA.COM


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Yakov, Director of SativaLife

"Bliss Prema is a unique and original spiritual mentor; boldly, fearlessly pioneering a path of personal empowerment in “creating beauty.” Bliss’ philosophy and initiate program are grounded in the depth of her crystal clear thinking, the warmth of her joyful loving heart, and the exuberance of her creative feminine flow. If you are now feeling a call to step up and out, to courageously create your life from the direction of your unconditioned highest Self, check Bliss out. Don’t be fooled by her sometimes sweet, sometimes fierce “Sexy Yoda” persona. Inside there is a savvy powerhouse of a Creatrix. Bliss' four tenants, and her program's structure, will give you a framework to evolve deeply. The community of "evolvers" she attracts will give you psycho-social support. Her probing one-on-one sessions and personable sharing about her own ongoing initiations and challenges, will easily flow into a spiritual friendship with a mentor for our wild times.

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