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Conscious Evolver Enterprises

Conscious Evolver™ Enterprises builds consciousness-raising platforms that help people heal and transform so they can create happy and fulfilling lives. Easy to learn and user-friendly, these programs help heal blocks, limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences, and core wounds by using our self-directed system, or advance quickly with the expertise of one of our coaches. The Enterprise currently has seven platforms including a memoir, online courses, a coaching service, a coaching certification system, and several long-term programs. 

We Are Passionate About Evolving Consciousness


Bliss Prema

Bliss is the Chief Executive Officer of Conscious Evolver™ Enterprises and creator of Conscious Evolver, the Conscious Evolver Coaching System, the Initiate Circle Acceleration Program, and is the author of the forthcoming memoir, I Am Bliss::Memoir Of A Messenger.

Since 2012, Bliss Prema has personally tested each platform for efficacy, efficiency, and relevancy, and these have proven helpful to thousands of clients worldwide. Each platform has been created to lead into the next, assisting and guiding the acceleration of consciousness through self-actuated personal development. The Conscious Evolver System is Bliss' magnum opus - her master work. 

As an energy activator and trusted channel of Source, she is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences and summits across Canada and the US. Her work has been featured in many podcasts, interviews, newspapers, magazines, television & radio programs.

As a spiritually attuned futurist, Bliss is a visionary innovator and steward of our rapidly awakening consciousness. Her focus is the amplification and evolution of the old human into a new cosmic species and the reclamation of power within us All.

Sarah Kane

Sarah is a co-Founder of the Conscious Evolver Coaching System, a certified Conscious Evolver Coach, and a contributor to the Conscious Evolver Immersion - Activities. She holds a B.A.Sc. in Human Development and a B.Ed. in Education. Sarah has spent twenty-plus years working as a teacher, curriculum writer, and consultant, and is the founder of her school, Wise Earth Forest Elementary School. 


Sarah is a holistic therapist in the healing modalities of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage, Reiki, Somatic Emotional Release and Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy. She is the author of the forthcoming book Real, Raw and Rising ~ A Women’s Journey Through Cancer. 


Sarah carries the blueprint for optimal wholeness present in our cellular memory. Using her gifts of clairsentience, she co-creates powerful healing and coaching sessions to access the body’s intelligence and bring forth a person’s innate ability to heal. She compassionately guides the subtle connections between emotion, mind, spirit and soul to be made for transformation and liberation.


Sarah’s superpowers are energetic sensitivity and emotional intelligence. Sarah is a joyful gateway to Source and is wholly dedicated to human and planetary healing. 

PhotoSession9Laureen's photos for printi

Laureen Nowlan-Card

Laureen is the Legal Advisor of the Conscious Evolver Enterprises, a co-Founder of the Conscious Evolver Coaching System, and a certified Conscious Evolver Coach. She has been an active BC Lawyer for decades, a certified Women’s Empowerment Coach, and a WomanSpeak Speaker Trainer. She is the Host of Women Leading Change podcast and a devoted yogini.


Laureen embodies women's empowerment and has dedicated her power to innovative solutions for emotional liberation. 

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett is the Conscious Evolver Enterprises Business Advisor. He brings twenty-plus years of experiences a senior business executive in the IT and software industry. He is a certified High-Performance Coach from Brendon Burchard's High Performance Institute.


Michael holds the keys to coordinating and raising the standard of living for all. His vision includes local and global communities.

Michael Barret.jpg

Lila Spencer

Lila is a Seviate, a Co-Founder of the Conscious Evolver Coaching System, and a contributor to the Conscious Evolver Immersion - Playlists, & Crystal Collective. 

She is also a Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, a DJ, and a Sonic Alchemist.


In her offerings, she loves to uplift and inspire through transformational journeys of breath, sound and movement as a dance weaver, temple keeper, cosmic priestess and sonic alchemist. An Astrologer, Soul Guide and Embodiment Mentor, Lila holds space for coming home to oneself and remembering our true unique essence and shining that into the world.


She weaves the sacred through dance, ceremony, music and reading the stars and inspires others to connect with their own joy, passion and authentic selves.

Amy Harink Bio Pic.png

Amy Harink

Amy is the Director of the Conscious Evolver Healing Division.

After years of her own spiritual, physical and mental healing, she found her passion and life purpose in teaching, leading and transforming the lives of others. She is a Reiki Master, certified Indian Head Massage Teacher, Hypnotherapist and energy practitioner. With an empathetic, compassionate nature and diverse set of skills, she
 provides high-quality training.

Amy was in the healthcare field for 9 years and boasts 200-plus hours of training and teaching trauma-informed care, conflict resolution and crisis de-escalation. 

Amy's approach to working with others comes from a place of no judgment, and open-hearted pure love frequency.

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