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The Conscious Evolver is an effective 8-step system helping you evolve into a happier version of yourself.

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Join us for a potent 8-week journey with weekly 1-hour training on Zoom 

Watch live on Mondays 11am PST or the recording later that day.

Begins Monday, Feb 26 - Apr 29, 2024.


The Conscious Evolver 

A Golden Opportunity for Change


Are You Searching For Your Higher Purpose in Life?

During our 8-Week Conscious Evolver Immersion, you will identify the areas of your life that cause you stress, overwhelm, or dissatisfaction.


You will cease feeling like a lost or stuck human and evolve into a powerful Conscious Evolver.


The Conscious Evolver Immersion will help you identify the areas of your life that are underwhelming, stressful, or unhappy.

Each week you will learn how to upgrade

your life using the Conscious Evolver.

Watch as your life improves, upgrades and evolves when used with our proven 8-step system. 


- Beautifully illustrated Manual

- Conscious Evolver Coach Session

- Weekly training Transmissions with consciousness experts

- Facebook Community for ongoing support

- Activational posters for each stage of CE

- Curated DJ list for each stage of CE

- and MORE!


Image by Nick Morrison

Weekly Live Transmissions

Training and transmissions on each step of the Conscious Evolver by consciousness expert and Creator Bliss Prema.

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Conscious Evolver Guidebook

A thorough and detailed empowerment tool that teaches and guides you to identify your blocks, limiting beliefs and outdated patterns. 

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Conscious Evolver Coaching

Experience one-hour with a consciousness raising coach and witness a radical transformation within yourself.  


You will be more connected with your personal power than ever before. Rather than being a helpless human to whom things happen, you become the map maker of your own great destiny.

fine tune

Through divine inspiration and the fine tuning of your own inner wisdom, you will create highly beneficial outcomes which bring you greater happiness and fullfillment than ever before.


The Conscious Evolver enables you to design the life of your dreams with clarity, ease and grace.

higher purpose

Knowledge of the Conscious Evolver eight steps gives you an effective and efficient system that leads you to achieving your higher purpose in every area of your life.



An Immersion refers to completely surrounding one’s self in focused advancement  - and that’s exactly what this 8-week program will do. This is the chance to immerse yourself in potent and positive change, surrounded and supported by others on the same evolutionary journey. Together, we are stronger than we are apart. 

Awakening can be a messy process as old patterns shift and those around you react to those shifts. Your Immersion is guided by Conscious Evolver experts who understand the inherent power in undertaking this important work. Their experience will inform your process so that you can navigate these transformations with ease, clarity, and joy.

Join consciousness expert Bliss Prema in this profound 8-week journey of upgraded evolutionary change. 


Immerse Yourself In Upgrades. Become A Conscious Evolver. 


Be guided weekly by a Consciousness Expert

Conscious Evolver

Creator Bliss Prema will

expertly guide you as you

upgrade your life

and become

a Conscious Evolver. 

"Other than the pleasure of the senses and being awed by the beauty of nature, our experience in this life can only be to evolve so that we may achieve happiness, peace, and bliss."

Bliss Prema, Creator of Conscious Evolver

Immersion Levels


Every Monday at 11am-12pm Pacific Time we will meet on Zoom and share the levels of the Conscious Evolver that will augment into your reality.

Join us live or watch the recording on Monday evening: 


Feb 26: Sacred Opening & Cup Full

Mar 4: Decompression

Mar 11: Deconstruction

Mar 18: Emptiness & Void

Mar 25Divine Inspiration

Apr 8: Reconstruction & Planning

Apr 15: Action

Apr 22: Higher Purpose

Apr 29: Sacred Closing/Immersion Officially Complete 

Image by Krissia Cruz

This proven system is an easy to use,

step by step guide

you can rely on to

heal old patterns,

dissolve blocks,


upgrade limiting beliefs

that no longer serve you. 


With this powerful transformational training

you access the tools for you to

successfully rebuild


upgrade your consciousness

to all new levels

Terms Of Service 

Please read this information carefully. The purpose of these terms set forth the details of us working together so that we are clear with the Program and the processes required. This ensures our time together is positive, efficient, and effective. By purchasing the course you agree to all terms set forth and legally agree to the following:

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