Are You Searching For Your Higher Purpose in Life?

During our 8-Week Conscious Evolver Immersion you will identify the areas of your life that cause you stress, overwhelm, or dissatisfaction.


You will cease feeling like a lost or stuck human and evolve into a powerful Conscious Evolver.

The Conscious Evolver is an effective eight-step system that evolves you into a happier version of yourself.

Join us for this potent 8-week Journey

Monday May 10th to Sunday July 4th, 2021

The Conscious Evolver 

A Golden Opportunity for Change

A Beginners Guide to Evolving Consciousness & Creating the Life of Your Dreams

This proven system is an easy to use,

step by step guide

you can rely on to

heal old patterns,

disseminate blocks


upgrade limiting beliefs

that no longer serve you. 


With this powerful transformational training

you access the tools for you to

successfully rebuild


upgrade your consciousness

to all new levels

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Weekly Live Transmissions

Training and transmissions on each step of the Conscious Evolver by two consciousness experts.

Conscious Evolver Guidebook

A thorough and detailed empowerment tool that teaches and guides you to identify your blocks, limiting beliefs and outdated patterns. 

Conscious Evolver Coaching

Experience one-hour with a consciousness raising coach and witness a radical transformation within yourself.  

"Other than the pleasure of the senses and being awed by the beauty of nature, our experiences in this lifetime can only be to evolve our lives so that we may achieve happiness, peace, and bliss."

Bliss Prema, Creator of Conscious Evolver


You will be more connected with your personal power than ever before. Rather than being a helpless human to whom things happen to, you become the map maker of your own great destiny.

fine tune

Through divine inspiration and the fine tuning of your own inner wisdom, you will create highly beneficial outcomes which bring you greater happiness and fullfillment than ever before.


The Conscious Evolver enables you to design the life of your dreams with clarity, ease and grace.

higher purpose

Knowledge of the Conscious Evolver eight steps gives you an effective and efficient system that leads you to achieving your higher purpose in every area of your life.


The Conscious Evolver 8-week Immersion is no ordinary training... 

The world’s leading Quantum Physicists agree, the only plausible explanation for our experience here on earth as humans is that we are in a simulated hologram.

As you may or may not be aware,

our current reality is the ultimate version of virtual reality that has ever been created -- an environment that is malleable, ever changing, and easily upgradable.

Similar to a virtual reality game,

you will notice that your immediate reality will begin to simulate the steps of the Conscious Evolver in order for your education and training to be complete.

Skip the expensive virtual reality technology and witness the Conscious Evolver augment into your real world. 

Join consciousness experts Bliss Prema and Sarah Kane in this profound 8-week journey of profound evolution and positive change. 


Design your alternative reality by doing the good work.


Conscious Evolver Creator Bliss Prema & Co-Founder Sarah Kane expertly guide you as you upgrade your life and become a Conscious Evolver. 


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Transmission Dates

Be Sure To Mark These In Your Calendar

Every Monday at 10am-12pm we will meet on Zoom and share with you the steps of the Conscious Evolver that will augment into your reality.

Join us live or watch the recording on Monday evening: 


May 10th: Sacred Opening and Cup Full

May 17th: Decompression

May 24th: Deconstruction

May 31st: Emptiness & Void

June 7th: Divine Inspiration

June 14th: Reconstruction & Planning

June 21st: Action

June 28th: Higher Purpose

July 5th: Sacred Closing



Terms Of Service 

Please read this information carefully. The purpose of these terms set forth the details of us working together so that we are clear with the Program and the processes required. This ensures our time together is positive, efficient, and effective. By purchasing the course you agree to all terms set forth and legally agree to the following:

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