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Learn this heavenly, ancient, and powerful

1-hour massage online

& on your own time



MANUAL - Receive the detailed and extensive manual that contains everything you need to know to master giving the Indian Head Massage; including the history, Ayurveda wisdom, kinesiology, essential oils, and so much more!



- Learn the vast benefits of the Indian Head Massage and all its healing values. 

- Important teaching for practitioner self-care and personal advancements.

- Lifetime access to beautiful instructional Indian Head Massage videos & Practitioner Portal.

- Ongoing support through training and practicum.


- Become a member of the Indian Head Massage Facebook Group and join a community of heart-based healers. 

With just 4-hours of training,

you will know how to give a

1-hour Indian Head Massage!

The Indian Head Massage is an uplifting and spiritual experience for both
the practitioner and the client.

The Indian Head Massage releases stored and blocked energy in the body, while balancing the four upper chakras. The Indian Head Massage brings the energy of the whole body back into balance by creating a deep sense of peace, calm, and well-being.

It's all about love

This healing modality is especially unique as the client sits upright in a comfortable chair for the duration of the one-hour treatment.


The back, arms, neck, and shoulder muscles are deeply probed, then the scalp is deeply massaged while the hair is briskly and gently tousled.


Pressure points and meridians are gently worked on which stimulates circulation.


The massage ends with five minutes of acupressure on the face.

Transformation in one hour

Become An Indian Head Massage Practitioner



No pre-requisistes.

No previous massage experience necessary.

Perfect for


wanting to become a

holistic healer. 

Begin a career in heart-based service

and earn an income working for yourself!


Perfect For:


Holistic Practitioners


Spa Owners and Masseuses,


Registered Massage Therapists,




Reflexologists, and


You Are In Great Hands

Bliss Prema has trained hundreds of beautiful students worldwide in Indian Head Massage.


Students have flown from the UK, Bahamas, United States and all over Canada to train with her. 


Teaching this skill is her excellence and the feedback from her training is always impeccable. Everyone loves online training - learn at your own pace, on your own time.


High-Quality Training



Become a Certified Indian Head Massage practitioner with renowned Bliss Prema and Master teacher Amy Harink.


With hundreds of students worldwide, and having given over two thousand Indian Head Massages,

Bliss teaches with effortless ease and accuracy.

Bliss shares a holistic approach,

centred in

heart-based service. 



Online Training

Learn at your convenience

Includes extensive manual

Certification Process

Practicum Package Details

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For those who have purchased the Indian Head Massage Online Training program and have completed all the modules, now is the time to become certified!

You are highly encouraged to practice as often as possible, allowing the moves to become second nature for you. 


To become fully certified you must purchase and complete the Indian Head Massage Practicum portion of the training. 

The Practicum enables you to become a Certified Indian Head Massage Practitioner. It involves 20 practice massages with your friends and family, with the support of a Certified Indian Head Massage Trainer.


Being a safe and confident practitioner is vital and we are committed to ensuring your success.


Practicum Package

  • Practicum Feedback Form package 

  • 2 observed practicum massages with a Master Teacher Amy Harink complete with instruction and feedback

  • Hands-on and ongoing support

  • Exam with a Certified Indian Head Massage Trainer

  • Lifetime access to the Practitioner Portal with instructional videos

Back Massage

Start Your Career As An Indian Head Massage Practitioner

After purchasing, you will receive a Practicum and Certification Package via email with the appropriate forms and information needed to successfully complete your Practicum.

Once you have demonstrated proficiency and confidence with the Indian Head Massage, and completed 20 practice massages you will receive your Indian Head Massage Practitioner Certificate and be ready to massage the public!


The Indian Head Massage chair can be found at IKEA for $30.


Additional costs can include chair cushions, a small carpet, wraps for the client, and massage oils. 



"I was thoroughly impressed by Bliss’ utilization of different learning strategies to make sure her students were well versed and capable of doing the work to everyone’s satisfaction. Bliss inspires her students to put their heart into the techniques and hold a deep spiritual respect for the process that unfolds. Anyone considering doing the IHM course should be aware that they are going to have fun and walk out with a massage routine that will generate an amazing response from everyone. The best taught massage course I have ever taken and I have taken a few!! Thank you Bliss for sharing from your heart!" 


“The Indian Head Massage workshop was a positive experience that left me feeling enlightened and closer to my goals of spreading soulful awakenings. Bliss does an amazing job explaining each segment of Indian Head Massage in a safe and open learning environment. Bliss also adds her own personal flair to this workshop, which emphasizes the importance of staying true to who you are by completely surrendering to being your true self.  I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to learn such a valuable skill from a talented, kind, and skilled instructor.”  


“I was fortunate enough to take the Indian Head Massage course with Bliss Prema. It was such a great experience! The material was very well put together, easy to follow and informative. The hands on, supervised practise was invaluable. Bliss is a wonderful instructor whose passion really comes through to enhance the learning experience. I am already helping family and friends with my new skills. I feel like I have learned something very important...thank you, Bliss”!


“Simply being in Bliss’s Presence is healing and soul enriching. Bliss’s ability to lift and help remove any ‘heaviness/ energy blocks’ through her healing, rejuvenating and relaxing Indian Head Massage is a gift from the heavens above.! I am ever so grateful for all the wisdom and detailed instruction Bliss clearly and effortlessly passes on to you. It has been an enriching life experience being able to share the gift of IHM massage with others, I feel more complete.”


 “I’ve been a ‘touching’ person most my life, wanting to make things easier for other people – massaging necks and heads when they had headaches, giving hugs when they were sad, etc. When I met Bliss and heard about Indian Head Massage, I couldn’t wait to take her course. Now I’ve taken it twice, just because it feels so good to be in her presence, surrounded by the love she attracts and shares with everyone. My world is open to another level because of Bliss; and I thank and love her for it.”


 “My first experience of this amazing course was an Indian Head Massage from Bliss. I was transformed in a way that went straight to my heart and opened up some sleeping energy centers in a very powerful way. The course was thorough and very hands on, the best way I find to learn a new skill and have it make sense. The pace was perfect in that we got to learn and practice and enjoy the process while taking in a profound amount of information. Thank you Bliss for being so professional, organized, generous and most of all for your pure and loving intentions in this beautiful practice.”  


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