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A Message From Bliss Prema, Creator of the Conscious Evolver

I believe we are here on Planet Earth to learn valuable lessons, enabling us to purify our collective soul, and ultimately to return to Source. There is only one way to accomplish this and that is together. 

Within you is all the

strength,wisdom and knowledge required to become

more powerful than you ever imagined possible.


As an activating Teacher, soul synthesizing Coach, and fearless Initiator,

my Higher Purpose is to help you advance to your next level of consciousness.

It is my honour to be a loving guide and helping hand on your journey,

as you evolve into a healthier, happier and more loving version of yourself.

With a talent for deep transformation,

I lead with transparency and radical honesty in order to

elevate happiness and love for All.


We are Consciousness Evolving,

and I Am honoured to walk the path beside you.

You deserve to be profoundly happy.

With Love and Gratitude, 

Bliss Prema

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