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Evolve To Your Next Level of Consciousness

Now is the time to step out of old programs

and patterns that no longer serve you

You are ready for the next level

It's time to book a Conscious Evolver™ session with Creator Bliss Prema and our team of certified Conscious Evolver Coaches.


Being conscious and accountable for your personal evolution is a smart step to take, especially when you’re ready to make positive and impactful changes in your life. Now is the time to evolve from outdated programs and unconscious patterns that are no longer serving you into



outstanding revelations and

creating the life of your dreams

A powerful new YOU

In 2012, Bliss spent five months on sabbatical in Kauai, Hawaii & Mayne Island with her family. During this time she received a lightening bolt transmission that left her in shock on the bathroom floor. Sent from another time and space, the entire Conscious Evolver eight-step system was transmitted to her to share with the world.


Within a short amount of time, the Conscious Evolver Coaching Program was developed as a way to help those that required help with upgrading their life. With thought provoking questions and a keen eye to spot your patterns, Conscious Evolver Coaching helps you identify and define where you are in Spirit, Career, Love & Relationships, Lifestyles, and Challenges.


When these aspects are defined, the next steps to evolve become efficient and clear. By unlocking the patterns of the past, you will be able to evolve consciously through your life with grace and ease.


Empowered with this potent tool, you will consciously map out the new direction in your life with confidence. You will be guided towards your own conscious evolution and enlightenment. 


Bliss Prema has spent a decade stewarding this powerful system, testing it for accuracy and efficiency while sharing it with thousands of people across the world. A keynote speaker at conferences across the US and Pacific Northwest of Canada, and through 100's of interviews, this powerful evolution system changes lives in a powerful way.

Sessions are conducted online for clients. 

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