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September 21 to December 21, 2023

Step Into Self Mastery    Access Your Power   Become All That You Are Meant To Be

MASTER Initiate Circle no date.png

Join Initiator Bliss Prema and MASTER Teachers:

Lori Ivey
Christina Solaris
Michelle Anderson
Jennifer Crystal Eve
Grace Solaris
Jason Estes 


A potent 3-month opportunity for inspired humans to become Enlightened and transform into Cosmic Beings. 


We merge together as student/teacher for three months. During this time, I dedicate my time and energy to you and your evolution.


Through Live Weekly Transmissions, You Will:


  • Release Fears, Traumas, Limiting Beliefs & old Programs that no longer serve you

  • Awaken Into Consciousness

  • Receive Activations

  • Understand the Ascension Process

  • The Initiate Tenets

  • The Conscious Evolver System

  • Sovereignty Training

  • Creator Awakening & Abilities

  • Become Multi-Dimensional

  • Source Circle

  • Includes Conscious Evolver coaching session/s, Mind/Body/Spirit practices, and Mental Fortitude practices. 

  • PLUS: 30-minute wisdom drops from MASTER Teachers

Consciously transmute to your next level of Self-Mastery


I commit to sharing with you everything that I know to be true.

I step into the role of mentor, consciousness coach, spiritual midwife,

and a loving trigger in all the right directions. 



  • You are willing to release and upgrade the old mental constructs that currently define you and your life as you know it.

  • You are on a spiritual path and are dedicated to consciousness.

  • You are open to learning and incorporating spiritual practices.

  • You are open and physically able to receive Source energy flowing through you.

  • You are ready to depart what you have become most familiar with in order to transcend.

  • You are accepting of radically honest communication.

  • You are financially stable and able to invest in your evolution. 

  • You are committed to your process of evolution and are ready to step up like never before. 

  • You are physically, emotionally & mentally well and healthy, and are able to regulate through deep processing and up levelling.

  • You have the ability to ask for support from those around you as you journey through your metamorphosis.

  • You are willing to commit to 3 months of sobriety (no alcohol or drugs - microdosing is accepted), fasting, cold water immersions, eating the sun, and other spiritual practices to enhance your MASTER capacities. 

If your time is now and you’re ready to break through to the next level,

I am honoured to be your Guide, Friend, and Teacher.


MASTER Sept-Dec 2022

Superhero Sept-Dec 2021

SuperHeroes Oct 2020-Jan 2021

G-Force Sept-Dec 2019

Aviate Spring April-June 2018

Aviate Winter January-March 2018

Seviate May-August 2017


"As an Initiator, it is my honour to walk the path with you. My path has been intense and profound. As a result, a merging between my human and my Avatar has occurred

Now it’s your turn. If you wish.

Is your soul feeling the frequency that I was instructed to emit?"
Bliss Prema




Join a beautiful group of people learning, loving, and sharing through deep and personal transformation, integrations and evolution. 


Through the use of the Conscious Evolver™ system, you will be coached through all unprocessed pain and old patterns, into a higher level of  consciousness. Your awareness will vastly expand. 


Learn how to open and safely receive powerful Source energy flowing through you. Attain Oneness with the universal Divine. 
Remember who you truly are, and not in an intellectual way; rather, in a truly authentic and visceral way.


Release your old mental constructs, limiting beliefs, and layers of distortion that keep you embroiled in 3rd dimensional, low energy frequencies. 

Learn how to create radical beauty with your new open mind space. 

Initiate Circle Levels




Conscious Evolver Acceleration


Terms Of Service 

Please read this information carefully. The purpose of these terms set forth the details of our working together so that we are clear with the Program and the processes required. This ensures our time together is positive, efficient, and effective. Payment of the program implies a signed Terms of Service. By purchasing the program, you agree to all terms set forth and legally agree to the following:

Initiate Circle

Begins September 21, 2023 at 10am & ends on December 21, 2023

Weekly Live Transmissions with Bliss Prema

On Zoom and shared via a private Facebook group. Best watched live but can be watched on your own time (within 48 hours).

​Dates: Every Thursday from 10am - 12pm PST. Be sure to mark your calendars in advance.

Source Circle with Bliss Prema

Date: Saturday, December 9th, 2023 from 3pm-5pm PST. Source Circle attendance is by INVITE ONLY for Initiates who have completed all of their coaching sessions and followed protocol. 

Bliss Prema is located in Fairfield, Vancouver Island, Canada. 

The Initiate Circle is an ONLINE program available to everyone around the world. Long-distance/International Initiates participate in all sessions/workshops/Source Circles through Zoom for full participation.

What Graduates of the Initiate Circle Say:

Bliss 1 finger on 3rd eye.jpg

"Bliss is a being like no other. She holds such a deep presence and capacity for asking exactly the right questions to get you to go even deeper. She has a way of encouraging and empowering others to see their own radiance and unique way of being. She is powerful, wise and an amazing channel of Source Energy"

Lila, 2017 Seviate

Initiate Circle Graduate 

Golden Thunderbird and Pyramid test.png

"Bliss Prema is a leader and a pioneer forging a new path by opening an ancient portal to the new and unknown purpose of existence. She is an angel, a reminder of God and Heaven on Earth. Everything she shares is potent medicine that resonates miraculously with exactly what my soul needs."


 2017 Seviate

Initiate Circle Graduate

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