Conscious Evolver


Now is the time to step out of old programs and patterns that are no longer serving you, and into outstanding revelations.  
With thought provoking questions and internal exploration, you will discover ways to heal and upgrade all aspects of your life.

Enabling you to Create a happy and powerful life filled with love.

Purchase your digital copy of the The Conscious Evolver™ – An 8 Step Guide and Workbook for Self Direction$ CAD10.00

Conscious Evolver


It's time to book a Conscious Evolver session with Creator Bliss Prema. Being conscious and accountable for your personal evolution is a smart step to take, especially when you’re ready to make positive and impactful change in your life. 

In 2012, Bliss spent five months on sabbatical in Kauai, Hawaii with her family. While there, she recognized that there are eight essential steps that take place in our natural evolution. These shifts can happen over a lifetime or in just a few days. Through a powerful transmission and  divine guidance, she developed this potent healing system that now assists hundreds of people every day to expand and grow. 

With thought provoking questions and a keen eye to spot your patterns, Bliss helps you identify and define where you are in Spirit, Career, Love, Lifestyle, Relationships and Challenges. When these aspects are defined, the next steps to evolve become efficient and clear. By unlocking the patterns of the past, you will be able to evolve consciously through your life with grace and ease. Empowered with this potent tool, you will consciously map out the new direction in your life with confidence. You will be guided towards your own conscious evolution and enlightenment. 


Sessions are conducted in person/on phone/Skype.

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