"On May 1st, 2017, after receiving intense Source Activations, I transmitted the blueprints for a program with a very high frequency

called the Initiate Circle - A Conscious Evolver Acceleration Program. 

Private invitations were sent to a small number of beautiful souls. 

Some had appeared to me in visions, some I had dreamt about.

Each one responded to the invitation with an immediate YES. Upon completion of the program, I asked each one of them "Who were

you before the Initiate Program?" and "Who Are You Now?" Below

is the answer to who they are now. Each of the graduating Seviates

have chosen to become  co-collaborators of future Initiate Programs,

as well as the forthcoming School of Universal Bliss.

In 2018, three of the Seviate accepted the offer to become co-founders

of the Conscious Evolver Coaching  system to further develop a comprehensive training program. Since June of 2018 to present,

we have diligently advanced the Conscious Evolver Coaching system into a fully embodied and powerful transformational program. 

In the Initiate Circle program, the Embolden and Unlimited Bliss tiers offer weekly calls with a personally trained and certified Conscious Evolver Coach for integration, support, and mentorship - they are conduits of Source energy. Here to guide, love and support you on your journey. 
It is my absolute honour to introduce you to the Seviates.

Bliss Prema

Sarah Kane

Cranial Sacral Therapist

& Love Anchor

"I stand powerfully in my being, rooted to this beautiful earth and soaring the galaxies beyond. Self love propels me in every moment to be my most - beautiful, joyous, neutral! I am full of love and bounty"

Sarah is a gateway to Source. She has the ability to truly listen to our heart and soul, and joyously holds the door open for us to join her in joy.  


Lawyer & Empowerment Creatrix

"This new way of being now allows me to be in any situation, even the dark situations, and be true to my essence and to see through the illusions.  I am able to be the light in the dark.  I am a supernova of love, radiance, reverence, and play."

Laureen is the embodiment of women's empowerment and has dedicated her power to innovative solutions for emotional liberation. 

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DJ & Source Synthesizer

"I feel a deeper sense of alignment, connection, presence and Being. I am attuned with my connection with Source and how I can channel this energy. I am an activated being stepping into my full power." 

Lila is a multi-faceted frequency of wisdom and connection. She weaves the sacred through dance, ceremony, music and reading the stars. 


Sacred Tattooing & Vibrational Weaver

"I have remembered that I am the purest power of life, and can no longer identity as victim, rescuer or persecutor. I am a sentient Being, capable of feeling and expressing my experiences through conscious choosing. I am Divine."

Jacquelina vibrates with the power of Source energy. She transmits through yin yoga, Thai massage and transformational breathwork. 


Humanitarian & Pure Heart

"The light and universe shines in and through me. I Am pure, peace, love, and light. I am further discovered and uncovered, remembered and opened. I am Limitless."


Carla is dedicated to working with refugee and immigrant newcomers, and with inspiring changemakers worldwide. She's accomplishing her life mission by contributing peace, trust, balance and justice for all. 


College Dean & Gutsy Goddess

"I am an initiate of life, expanded awareness and consciousness, and a follower of radical accountability and honesty. I have the power to remove obstacles and recalibrate my life experience anytime I choose. "

Cordelia loves food and is passionate about the digestive system, her genius is helping people love themselves from the inside out, all of the time. 



Community Organizer & Mystic Mama

"I take responsibility for my life, for my decisions, words and actions and it feels empowering, like I'm finally in the drivers seat of my life. I acknowledge my power as a unique facet of Source Energy that is being experienced through the prism of this body and lifetime."

Shannon has an impeccable flair for inspired communication, on all levels. She loves to make things beautiful, from the micro to the macro, as she is pure beauty within and without.  

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