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What Is Your Level Of Consciousness?

Updated: May 26, 2021

Your consciousness levels are always growing and yet you may find yourself stuck at times.

Take our Levels of Consciousness Quiz to find out where you're at!

Focus on LOVE, CAREER, LIFESTYLE, or CONNECTION TO SOURCE and discover your level of consciousness for each area of your life!

All humans move through different levels of consciousness during their lives. As new relationships and situations arise, you learn how to process new information, meet new challenges, and learn how to let go of some things and make way for the new.

This past year has demanded more of us than any other single year in recent memory. Humans are struggling more than ever to overcome their challenges and upgrade their lives in long-lasting ways.

“Every trigger, block, or limiting pattern you encounter in your life is a golden opportunity to change and upgrade your level of consciousness.

Being unhappy is NOT our normal state.

There are times when we get stuck at one level, at one level of consciousness; and soon it becomes our all-too-familiar reality. We watch the same patterns play out, over and over again and we feel powerless to stop them. This can make us feel trapped, and if it goes on long enough, it can even begin to feel normal - like we’ve always been there, and that we always will be.

Each of these levels of consciousness has unique qualities; each has different gifts they can give us, and different truths they can reveal. For example, letting go of a long-term relationship can be painful and hard - but the gifts and truth are there for us, as long as we are conscious of them.

Happiness, Peace, and Ease are truly our natural states as humans - anything else is simply unnatural.

Upgrade Now

The Conscious Evolver is a system that helps you grow awareness of the aspects of your life that require improving, upgrading and evolving.

The 8-step system fully integrates into your life and you will have a formidable tool in your kit that enables you to rise and advance to new levels of happiness and fulfillment. Knowledge of the natural 8-steps of evolution enables you to become more proactive than ever before and enhances your ability to create transformational steps to evolve your life.

Evolve with Ease

Rather than feeling like a choice-less or helpless participant to whom things happen, you become the map maker of your destiny. With conscious awareness, positive intention, and using right action, the Conscious Evolver becomes a powerful tool enabling you to transform your whole life, one aspect at a time.

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Unknown member
May 03, 2023

I am looking forward to this Beginning on the 8th 😍

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